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Attracting Top Talent

Recruitment and Selection can be addressed in one of two ways: 1. Internal Process: We will work with you in designing and implementing a hiring process that can be used by your own people. It includes defining requirements, attracting candidates, and selecting candidates (interviewing, testing, reference checking, offering employment, employment contracts). We also provide the necessary training to ensure successful implementation of the process. 2. External Process: We will do it all for you, conducting the recruitment and selection process based on your identified needs, then recommending those who stand out as the top candidates.

Compensation plays an important role in attracting top talent to your organization. We will design a pay system that reflects market rates, is internally equitable, and motivational for employees. We will also explore different compensation options (e.g. base pay, bonuses, stock options) as they relate to your business goals.

Benefits provide employees with peace of mind knowing that coverage is available during a critical, often costly, medical situation. Through our strategic alliance we will help you design programs that maximize the return on premium invested. For more information please refer to