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Elizabeth K. Misener, Ph.D., MSW

Coaching Partner

I provide coaching around a wide range of issues such as relationships, stress management, life-work balance and depression. As a trained social worker I support individuals on their journey of self-discovery through self-reflection and goal setting. I help my clients focus on action, both here and now and moving forward. My approach is practical, goal-oriented, judgment-free, encouraging, motivating, and empowering. I assist my client in prioritizing their needs and desires. The client sets the goals while I assist the client in maintaining focus on those goals and ultimately achieving them.

Among my areas of specialization are helping people improve relationships, reduce stress, encourage personal growth, enhance parenting skills, facilitate decision making, manage time, bolster motivation, clarify objectives, and develop concrete, attainable goals.

"I work with individuals that are driven to achieve more for themselves; my approach is to support them in developing tools to: ask powerful questions, set goals and take forward actions. I assist my client’s in developing clear, measurable, and action-oriented goals. I tailor my approach to drawing out solutions and strategies based on each individual needs. I draw on my knowledge and skills as both a social worker and educator. With over 10 years of experience I have worked with individuals in many different environments around issues such as life balance, stress management, goal setting, problem solving, depression and anxiety. My education has provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge in conceptualizing, designing, and foster relevant research to address the institutional and practice changes necessary for more effective personal and community outcomes. I am present to provide insight, feedback, and an objective perspective for the client.”

I  began my  educational background at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Honors in Family and Social Relations. In 1998 I graduated from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, with a Master of Social Work and in 2002 I received my Ph.D. from SUNY at Albany, Albany, New York.