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Jackie Lauer

Senior Partner

I have been terribly blessed in my career. I started my career running employment programs for Carleton University and later moved to head of Sales & Training with a fast growing IT start up focused on private post graduate IT education. That's where I learned that I loved working with small to medium sized fast growing companies, where I learned the power of connecting people to their purpose and the organizations mission and where I learned that I had more to learn! From there, I was in HR and head of North American Recruitment at Nortel. i knew I wanted to go out on my own so I invested in my learning. I became certified in a number change management methodologies, four coaching programs, emotional intelligence, various psychometric tools. I have managed as little as two and as many as 200.

For the last 11 years I have been a self employed management consultant. My core expertise with clients is alignment. Alignment of aims, purpose and values between staff, teams and organization(s) is the most fundamental aspect of motivation and ultimately performance. The better the alignment and personal association with organizational aims, the better the platform for motivation and performance. To that end, I work in the areas of HR and OD, often facilitating people or teams, aligning values, beliefs and culture, ensuring everyone gets on the same page and moves towards the goals that much faster. Clients often refer to me as the relationship coach as I believe great leaders are skilled at relating and understanding themselves, their teams and the customers.