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Alec Harmer, President & CEO - HTM  Insurance Company 

Meghan has developed a trusting relationship with our staff. She has the ability to talk to people about the tough issues and get them to look at their own behaviour and take responsibility to make a positive change.

David J. Durbin, Business Development - Phillips Wealth Management Group at Richardson GMP

I have worked with Meghan and her team a number of times throughout my career. Her incredible energy and enthusiastic and contagious positivity is an asset to any team. Meghan's ability to work in a group but with individuals is to be commended. Her natural ability to connect and find the best in everyone is just one part of what makes her so strong at what she does. Her preparation and training is the other part and should not be overlooked. Meghan was always fully prepared to work with us and to bring out the best in us!

Katie Mills,  Senior Financial Executive

The Kirwin Group was initially engaged to design an incentive comp plan for CWB Group and the scope of the engagement was expanded to include implementation of the Company's new strategic plan. Meghan is a very strong leader, highly engaging and has an innate ability to reach individuals at all levels of the organization. This was the first time that a strategy had been rolled out through the organization and it represented a significant change at all levels. Meghan listens and responds in such a way that elicits buy in and trust. I would recommend and also engage Meghan and the Kirwin Group without hesitation.

Mark Barnicutt, President, CEO & Co-Founder -  HighView Financial Group 

Meghan Kirwin has worked for several years with our firm providing HR and Employee Engagement solutions. All of Meghan's advice & services flow from the Business & Employee Culture that each firm wishes to design. When combined with her professional expertise and high service/advice standards, Meghan is a very valuable & key advisor to entrepreneurial, growth oriented private companies looking to build, attract & retain high performing teams.

Michael Ridley, Chief Information Officer - University of Guelph

The Kirwin Group has lead us through a significant organizational change process based on a clear philosophy and innovative techniques. The expert facilitation and pragmatic approach to change management have positively affected all staff. Mostly importantly, staff at all levels now have the skills and perspective to sustain this transformation.

Jim Letwin, President and CEO - JAN Kelley Marketing

To say that our relationship with the Kirwin Group has been rewarding would be an understatement. We initially brought them in just to help us improve our performance management system and now we’ve got them helping us with all aspects of our human resource needs. I have been especially impressed with the balance between theory and application. The Kirwin Group is cutting edge in their understanding of HR issues and developing strategies for change.

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