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HR Audit is a process to identify the your short and long-term human resource needs. This will help in planning and prioritizing your HR activities.

Employee Feedback provides an excellent starting point for improving your organization from the ground up. We offer a wide range of approaches including one-on-one interviews, an employee satisfaction surveys and/or cultural surveys. These assessments can be customized to meet your business needs.

HR Planning is important for making effective decisions around the acquisition and utilization of key talent in your business. We will conduct a detailed analysis of your business objectives and develop a human resource plan to meet these objectives. Our plan includes identifying current and future talent needs.

Organizational Design that matches your business strategy and organizational needs is critical for successful business performance. We will work with you to identify what’s most suited to your business.

Job Analysis is the foundation to a solid HR system. We will conduct job analyses around specific roles, identify opportunities for efficiencies, and prepare job descriptions that can be used as the basis for all your HR activities.

Policies and Procedures. An Employee Handbook reflecting legislative requirements, company policies and business practices, when designed and implemented effectively, can help ensure that your employees feel fairly treated and have clarity around expectations. 

Organizational Planning and Employee Engagement