Mark Barnicutt, President, CEO & Co-Founder -  HighView Financial Group 

Meghan Kirwin has worked for several years with our firm providing HR and Employee Engagement solutions. All of Meghan's advice & services flow from the Business & Employee Culture that each firm wishes to design. When combined with her professional expertise and high service/advice standards, Meghan is a very valuable & key advisor to entrepreneurial, growth oriented private companies looking to build, attract & retain high performing teams.

Bo Wandschneider, Associate Vice Principal Information Technology - CIO at Queen's University

I first had the opportunity to work with Meghan while at the University of Guelph. Her knowledge and insight is very deep. Her ability to come into an organization and quickly build trust and drive cultural change is significant. Not only did she help us bring out the best in our team, she also helped me grow as a leader. She is passionate about what she does and even though this is some of the hardest stuff we do, she finds ways to make it easier. It is always about a partnership with Meghan, and if you live up to your end, she drives results. The first person I reached out to when I arrived at Queen's was Meghan, to ask for advice and to bring her in to look at my new team, top to bottom. We still talk regularly, especially when things get tough. Highly recommended.

Karen Reimer, Director -  Co-operative Education & Career Services at University of Guelph 

Meghan has incredible insight and facilitates bringing a teams talent forward. Strengthening vitality in the workplace has immeasurable benefits for both employees and clients.

Heather Kerr, Executive Director – Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community is a not for profit organization in the social services sector. Although our resources are often less than those in the corporate world, our HR issues are just as challenging. The Kirwin Group has made it possible for us to access exceptional HR services that meet our business needs. The work the Kirwin Group does with the Board of Directors, Executive Director and Management Team has been innovative, adaptable and of the highest integrity. Our Agency is moving toward a comprehensive performance management strategy and team synergy. We can’t say enough about the Kirwin Group moving us forward.

tara stubensey, Vice President Operations - Genuine Health

The Kirwin Group has quickly become a highly valued resource for Genuine Health. As a small yet fast-growing supplement company that prides itself in the quality and happiness of its employees, Genuine Health began working with Meghan Kirwin to assist in strengthening our HR platform in order to support seamless growth. Since then The Kirwin Group has become involved in everything from the development of a new employee handbook and revamping our performance development system, to recruitment and corporate leadership planning. They understand the needs of fast-growing entrepreneurial businesses and value corporate culture. The quality and timeliness of The Kirwin Group’s work is exemplary and they are a pleasure to work with. We look forward to continuing to grow our business with The Kirwin Group at our side.

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Jim Letwin, President and CEO - JAN Kelley Marketing

To say that our relationship with the Kirwin Group has been rewarding would be an understatement. We initially brought them in just to help us improve our performance management system and now we’ve got them helping us with all aspects of our human resource needs. I have been especially impressed with the balance between theory and application. The Kirwin Group is cutting edge in their understanding of HR issues and developing strategies for change.

Cristiane Thé, Partner - Lakes Environmental Software Inc.

When a company is growing as quickly as ours, moving to the next level can be painful if your organizational structure hasn’t kept pace with the evolution of the business. We hired the Kirwin Group to help us with an employee handbook and it was love at first project, so to speak. They are now helping us revamp our entire HR structure. What impresses me most about the Kirwin Group is their ability to implement changes quickly and effectively, while at the same time addressing resistance issues. We’re getting “buy-in” from all parties, and that’s a great thing to see. 

Michael Ridley, Chief Information Officer - University of Guelph

The Kirwin Group has lead us through a significant organizational change process based on a clear philosophy and innovative techniques. The expert facilitation and pragmatic approach to change management have positively affected all staff. Mostly importantly, staff at all levels now have the skills and perspective to sustain this transformation.

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